How to choose the best mask for kids and teens

  • When looking for a mask for your child or teen, consider the same things you’d consider when choosing a mask for yourself.
  • Children under two shouldn’t wear face masks because of choking risks. While children under 12 are exempt from the mask requirements in Victoria, those older than 12 are expected to follow the same guidelines as adults.
  • A lot of teenagers find that the standard one-size-fits-all adult masks don’t fit their faces. Fortunately, many retailers are offering smaller mask sizes, suited to teens and older children. If you’re not sure of sizing, look for a mask with adjustable ear or head straps so that you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to fit.
  • Fun patterns might encourage your child to wear a mask, while comfortable fabric and ear bands can help keep your child from taking it off while out and about. If your kid doesn’t like the feel of bands tucked behind their ears, look for a mask with straps that wrap around the entire head.

Patterns and designs

While the pattern of a cloth mask won’t have any effect on the effectiveness of the mask, a lot of us would prefer to wear masks that we think look good. If we have to wear masks, we might as well have fun with them.
If you want to match your mask to your outfit or jewellery, you can find masks in a wide range of fashionable patterns including animal prints, indigenous artwork, ocean scenes, Australian animals and so.
You can also get parent-child mask sets from us if you want to share a memorable moments while everyone has a family fun.

If you are more minimalist, we will design and make your face masks in navy blue, royal blue, charcoal grey, white and black.

Mask Collage